Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baggage container meets airline and square peg does not fit in jet engine hole

What happens if a airline cargo box full of luggage gets stuck inside a jet engine of a 747 aeroplane? Have a look at the below video and find out. I can imagine the exchange

"What do you mean you lost my luggage, where is it?"

"um...well.. sir... it is here at the airport"

"It is, great. I thought it might be in Timbuktu. OK. Can you organise for someone to deliver the luggage to me."

"Not really you see the luggage is in the plane"

"Even better. If it my bag is on the plane can't you just send someone over there to pick it up and bring it to me"

"No sir...sorry...I said 'in the plane' not 'on the plane'"

Direct link to video if embedding not working

hat tip to latimes where I saw the story first

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