Sunday, June 21, 2009

Collected BOOT & Tim Hughes Interviews and Podcasts

You can absolutely call this a vanity post. Here are a list (in date order) of places you can find your BOOT correspondent being interviewed or delivering a presentation (assuming all the links work).
  1. "WebInTravel pre conference interview" Sept 2009;
  2. "Is it Possible To Make Money Online" Feb 2009;
  3. On stage at WIT 2008 with Philip Wolf and Ram Badrinathan of PhoCusWright Oct 2008;
  4. BOOT Presentation at Eyefortravel Asia Pacific Sept 2008 (with audio);
  5. The BOOT on an IAG Podcast - Don't Panic Sept 2008 ; and
  6. BOOT pre-conference interview for the Eyefortravel Asia Pacific conference April 2008.
  7. BOOT presenting and panel hosting at WebInTravel Oct 2010
  8. BOOT hosting panel on Social Media at WebInTravel 2011

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