Monday, April 19, 2010

Help me help Bride to be get out of the UK

A few moments after posting an image of the Eyjafjallajoekul no fly zone I received an email from a friend in the UK. In short she is desparate for a way out of London. Due to fly out of London on Wednesday for her wedding in Sydney, Lara is at her wits end trying to find a way through the ash and into the clouds. How (dear readers) should she get from London to Sydney if the planes wont fly? What advice can you give a stranded traveller desperate to fly over 17,000km in time for her weddding on May 1?

So far we have the following bits of advice:
  • ferry/train/drive to Rome or Madrid;
  • a couchette train service from Paris or ferry stops in france/belgium to either Mardrid or Rome;
  • a ferry to Scandanavia and then Finair;
  • if there is any chance she can get out of Paris try Air Austral. They fly Paris to Sydney via Reunion Island.
  • there are people blogging and updating on, flyertalk and Check them out for advice - maybe even post a question; and
  • organise a 'call and hold party'. Get three friends to sit with you and call every airline and online agent (ie ebookers,). Hold times will be more than an hour for each one so have lots of dvds handy
Any other ideas?

Thanks to Misato for the photo of Tarantino's Bride via Flickr

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