Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dear Readers - what should I do with this comment?

Dear Readers. I need your advice. A commentator under the tag "Conny Vige" has tracked down almost every post I have written about or including Expedia and posted this
"Hi. You have created an interesting and informative blog. I have heard and read about Expedia a lot. It is a great travel experience. You can easily plan your vacation sitting at home or at the office. You can never be sure 100% that everything will go right. I browsed this great site and found the customers’ feedbacks on the company. Interested?"
I can't decide whether or not to delete them or let them stay. The argument for keeping them is that they are not offensive and are contextual (ie are in Expedia posts). The argument for ditching is that they are repetitive and might be link hunting for "pissed consumer". The ultimate test of course is whether or not they are spam. I have committed to keep all comments on the site that are not defamatory, spam, nonsensical or full of vitriol/personal insult. So - what do you think. Keep or ditch?

UPDATE - the BOOT readership has spoken. Will be deleted the comments (and any further) but will keep this post up to highlight the comment once.

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