Friday, February 20, 2009

Expedia to launch meta-search. But... don't they already own OneTime

A Kevin May @travolution tweet pointed me to a Travolution story "Expedia mulls launch of meta search engine". Contains a quote from Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi considering a move into the meta-search model. I found this a little odd as back in July last year Expedia subsidiary TripAdvisor (yes...Expedia owns TripAdvisor:)) bought meta-search company OneTime (my post on the story here). Couple of possibilities here. Maybe the OneTime engine is not good enough and Expedia needs to start again. Or maybe Khosrowshahi has signed off on so many acquisitions for TripAdvisor that he forgot about one. Most likely it is just a sign that of the long list of TripAdvisor subsidiaries one of them (OneTime) is going to be getting a lot more attention than the others.

Update - getting lots of feedback in comments, twitter and email saying the OneTime should not be considered a meta-search company. More a deal finder. Looks like Option 1 above is the right one (OneTime engine is not good enough).

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