Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crowd Sourcing on Twitter - when 140 characters is not enough

Tweet question of the week
"What is the best way to advertise an online travel agent?"
I love a good crowd sourcing question. Twitter followers quickly pointed me to important infor sources to help write my recent meta-search vs OTA post. But there only so much that 140 characters can do. How can one answer the above question in 140 characters in a meaningful way? Best I could think of was
"A balance of SEO, SEM, affiliate, strong site content, member retention plans, a bit of offline brand and don't forget product focus"
But this is as useless as it is short.

Twitter crowd sourcing is not ready for open ended questions like "what is the best way". Stick to "where can I find info on" as a tweet.

I wont point to the tweeter to avoid any embarrassment but trust me that I have copied and pasted word for word.

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