Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wifi in the air - early reports on the experience on GoGo on Virgin America

Virgin America Mood Lighting by Binder.donedat
I am not looking forward to the roll out of Wifi on aeroplanes. There is something safe and calming about getting on a plane and knowing that I am out of contact and can either focus on clearing old emails and work projects or simply taking a bit of time off before a busy week (or after a busy week). But the push to Wifi on planes is now inevitable.

Virgin America has just rolled out GoGo Inflight on its flights. If you are interested in hearing about the experience and feed back (which has all been positive). Check out the top ten things you need to know on Gizmodo or listen to the first 12 minutes of epsiode 170 of Twit where Ryan Block of gdgt talks about his experience.

thanks to blinder.donedat for the photo from flickr

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