Monday, November 10, 2008

Wow - HomeAway raises $250 million at a $1.15 billion valuation (TechCrunch)

Headline says it all. Wow. TechCrunch is carrying the whole story on this monster sized fund raising round for vacation rental company HomeAway. Makes money raised to date $459mm. TechCrunch state the pre-money valuation is $1.15 billion but does not say what the source is but remember that the biggest online travel company Expedia (EXPE) has a market cap currently of $2.38 billion. To give another example Google bought Youtube (top 5 site worldwide) for $1.65 billion. At first glance it is hard not to agree with TechCrunch's view that this is overvalued. What do you think is the vacation rental space hotter than first thought?
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